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Free Treatment of 2 Million Children

in Emergency Rooms with your Zakat

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Every Minute a child dies in Pakistan due to lack of accessibility and affordability to quality emergency care. Every minute a motherhood is lost to ignorance of the society. There is nothing more painful for a mother than losing a child due to preventable causes.

Imagine the joy on a mother's face as she watches her sick child receive life-saving treatment without the burden of financial worry. Imagine the impact of your generosity as we work tirelessly to convert mothers' tears of desperation into tears of joy.

Your contribution will help ChildLife treat 2 million children free of cost in emergency rooms across Pakistan. By providing timely medical care, we not only save lives but also prevent families from spiraling into poverty due to the burden of medical expenses.

Let us join hands and together we can make a real difference in the lives of these children and their families. Let us ensure that no child suffers needlessly due to lack of access to quality emergency care.

Your support means everything to us. JazakAllah.

Help ChildLife save the future of Pakistan by saving the children with your zakat and donations. It takes only $7 to save a child’s life.