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Help Save the Future of Pakistan

Saving Children in 75 Hospitals on Pakistan's 75th Azadi

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More than 400,000 children die in Pakistan every year, only because they can’t access or afford healthcare on time.

As Pakistan’s 75th Azadi approaches, ChildLife marks its presence in 75 hospitals across the country. To us, 75 is not just a number. Rather, it is a beacon of hope. In the 75 locations where ChildLife is active, we promise help & healing to every sick child with your support.

ChildLife Foundation provides free-of-cost, quality emergency care to children, helping them survive against the odds. We operate 11 children Emergency Rooms in Sindh, Balochistan & Punjab. We also run 64+ Telemedicine Satellite Centers through which expert doctors offer life-saving consultations to children in remote areas. We have saved 4.5 million children since 2010.

It takes only $7 to save a child’s life.

Give your Zakat and donations to ChildLife Foundation. Your decision can save a child every minute.

By 2030, ChildLife aims to make entire Pakistan child-safe. Please join hands with us and help save the lives of the poorest and sickest children of Pakistan.